The foundation of our mission is to reach the individual through material culture. This inherently requires the ability to translate our message into multiple output sources. 

This requires a Do_ It_Yourself mindset. 
                                              Meaning - We are not limited to one dimension of influence, because we are the Masters of the Illusion.
                                              Meaning -     Our Reach is only limited by the reliance of the familiar + the denial of outsiders + Resistance to challenge our own beliefs.
                                             Meaning -     Our Livelihood is dependent upon an Open Community,  a community that is willing to   challenge itself as much as it is willing to challenge societal constructs.

                                              Meaning-     We seek out collaboration as means to grow and influence
This Requires the understanding that :

                                            We are Multi_Dimensional. 

                                            Being Human is Multi_Dimensional.

Multi_Dimensionality is more than the way in which we output our visions into material culture. 

                                            Meaning-      It is the ability to think beyond the reality constructed before us, while    still working within it’s  framework. It is challenging this reality. It is constructing your own reality as a means to alter the  path of the Human Program installed in us over the course of our Lifeline. It is existing in the space where the past and present merge, the crossroads of influential cultures and futuristic intuition. 

Many Counter-Cultures have established a Familiar Framework

Many have been Consumed alive by the Industry of Culture. 

The Survivors have maintained there influence through their Multi_Dimensionality.

                                                                            Skateboarding is Multi_Dimensional

                                                                            Music is Multi_Dimensional

                                                                            Art is Multi_Dimensional
And while You may find that each of these things have themselves been consumed and spit back out into the
One_Dimensional_World for consumption...

We are here to tell you that within each of these cultures and many others, 

                                                                     There are People who have insisted on a Multi_Dimensional Program

                                                                     There are People who have realized that we all have within us

                                                                     (Nine) Ways Out. 

And What unites us all in this mission is understanding that:

                                                                                                                           Our Multi_Dimensionality is Our Way Out